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Starting College

2014-01-09 20:27:09 by Tony-DarkGrave

Guess what? I'm Starting college part time  at a local tech college I am take 9 credits (three classes) at first because I want to see what its like/adjust before I take more credits. I am going into computer science I am taking a introduction course a maintenance/computer repair and one other. I already have my textbooks and paid for my credits.


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2014-01-09 20:54:06

Wow, that's really great to hear! You'll probably do quite well in classes, and hopefully with teh ladies as well. Btw, you get the new American Rifleman yet (1/14)? They've got a page on an old BB gun from the late 1900's... which we had here on the farm, but my stupid older siblings abused it, so my grandfather hid it. I was cleaning up the barn in the mid-80's when my Pop found where it was stashed - still worked (quite well), but was so badly rotted, he threw it out.

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

Thanks and the ladies are always down with the 1337 because we lay down the FAT STACKS. And that's a shame those things go for a nice buck to collectors..


2014-01-09 21:00:53

Good path. If you need any help in computer courses, just PM me.

Tony-DarkGrave responds:



2014-01-10 18:45:22

Good luck with college.


2014-01-15 18:49:32

You know, all it takes is a Microsoft certification to get out on the road and doing very well paid work. My buddy got MS Cert A+ (the lowest with C being the highest, or last I heard), then went for B+, now he's running cable, doing some networking (the real fucker of any tech job), and plenty of see-spot-run easy shit. Maybe all you need is one good year at school, to really enjoy the rest of your life, and not worry about going hungry.

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

Well I want to get all I can can out for my money a A+ cert and maybe get some programming and networking in like Cisco would be nice because it looks good on a resume.


2014-01-18 12:07:45

Good plan



2014-01-28 18:04:54

Hey, you see this new pistol bullet? Made the news today...

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

seems dangerous, even by my standards cool as hell but dangerous.


2014-01-30 23:17:33

Oh IKR? Any defect in materials... that would be bad, but they must test fire samples from the batches, I guess. Smaller the caliber, the better? Those clear gel tests looked totally gnarly!

I'm still really hung up on what kind of video card I should focus on - it's all about the clock speed and bit rate.. 192 or above is plenty good @ 1GB of fast RAM, yeah? Still pissed I can't use my 500W PS for the new rig, back when Ultra hardly ever fucked up... but I'm still going for the classic AMD 8core.

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

2 or 3GB of Dedicated memory I prefer 200+ on bit rate 4+ GB of fast RAM I recommend 1866 since it will be the new standard for DDR3 RAM when DDR4 RAM comes out in the next year or so.


2014-01-31 01:29:14

Okay, thanks.... sounds ambitious as hell, but I might as well go for it. So far that rig you outlined a few posts back, is pretty damn close to what I'm going to have to get |: In for a penny and all, but I cannot go nuts on the video card, no more than 2 bills.

I wonder if the new rig would support AI life... and dream of electric sheep even :p

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

heres some good RAM just add it to your preexisting

and a good graphics card;


2014-02-04 07:46:17

Thanks man, I got em bookmarked. Just have to settle on a MB with over a 2Ghz speed, and I think I'm good to go! Gotta stop looking at that real high end 8 core... maybe if I had my own nuclear power plant....

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

You might be better off with a Quad i7 packs a huge punch and takes little power.


2014-02-05 00:16:54

Hmm, still gun shy of Intel, what with all those dirty deals, back in the day... but I'm kinda looking for a good power to frequency ratio. I doubt I'd need the full 4Ghz anyway, just wonder what the power curves are on these new CPU's..

Back in the day, there were some unbelievably good pages about all kinds of products, but they dried up around the turn of the century. Big business wins again, I guess.

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

nah its good again. you can pack one AMD 8 core with a 200W power consumption into a 4 core intel at 95W with the same amount of GHZ and its hyper threaded so that means less stress on the cores.


2014-02-25 00:52:10

I found the secret prize :D

Tony-DarkGrave responds:



2014-02-25 02:27:24

Then it wouldn't be secret.


2014-03-05 09:36:35

hmmm good luck in college sir


2014-03-05 09:37:32

oh, and stop being silly on the BBS, ok?


2014-03-07 05:29:16

Congrats on getting the last box bro! Hope you end up with something I left last year! Make a thread as soon as you get the contents photographed!

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

already have one box thread ill post there/


2014-03-07 12:09:28

Ah, here it is I knew you got one previously... and who knew you liked Top Gear UK? Should be interesting to see those old farts in Burma....

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

Yeah I PMEd Luis if my box got shipped hopefully it'll be here today or Monday. And yeah I fucking love Jeremy clarkson he doesn't really give a fuck and if he can get away with it hell do it. When I drive through snow big snow drifts here in MN in my car I scream POOOOOOWEEEEER!!!


2014-03-08 15:36:47

Yeeah, power solves all things! Well that, and ingenuity. And ABS |:


2014-03-12 18:52:03

Sounds boring, I hate technical crap.

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

Its fun especially when you learn shit like Cisco and learn about networks and server and how to remotely control them. So in practice I could perform a IP net get yours connect to it and work it remotely.


2014-03-15 18:03:09

Who doesn't love a good router, eh? You see this?

Also, the card I wanted, kinda jumped in price, no doubt due to it's low 60W consumption and new architecture.... I like the evga brand :\ Anyway, I'd like to keep my 500W PS... think this is worth getting? Just want a card for under 200$ :p


2014-03-26 22:52:49

I'm going for it tonight, muahahaha. Egghead package deal with the CPU I wanted, on a Sabertooth mobo. I know the 128 bit rate isn't all that crash hot; best I can do is the 750ti from evga to stay under budget, and offset the draw from the CPU :\ Not that many cores on the card, but, what the hell. To infinity, and beyond!


2014-04-22 08:39:12


Tony-DarkGrave responds:

fuck my life right?


2014-05-02 19:07:53

...actually, I was full of shit, I didn't get anything (computer components) yet. In the meantime, I donated 200$ to a girl I know to get her house fixed up, Asterix comic books for Tom's kids, and more than I 'd care to admit to attend the Pico Party :| Just paid 100$ to fix the starter on the 30 y/o Toro lawnmower, 4cyl diesel, hydrostatic transmission and deck control. Deck looks like swiss cheese |:


2014-05-28 16:53:28

Nobody cares.

A thousand did it before you.

A thousand more will do it after you.

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

but I am one of the current thousand! so hows your audio doin?


2014-05-29 13:53:20

Small minds can only think in the negatives, hence your 0's.

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

oh please spare me your arm chair pseudo-intellectualism.


2014-05-29 15:23:46

"They ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, then you win."


2014-07-07 15:40:50

Don't get beat up, douchebag.

Tony-DarkGrave responds:

U mad bro?


2014-08-21 00:57:35

Hey old pal how have things been?

I see you've been slacking on your B/P points, that's alright though


Tony-DarkGrave responds:

College stuff, I been depositing more gold honestly I just don't have the drive or time for B/P right now